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"Daddy, I Want to Read" Instruction Manual

"Daddy, I Want to Read" Instruction Manual


This is the teacher's Instruction Manual for the "Daddy, I Want to Read" series of five books.  If you have never taught using the Kalahari Reader system, you will need an Instruction Manual to know how to use the books.  You only need one Instruction Manual, regardless of how many sets of student reading books 1-5 you order, because the Instruction Manual is used by the teacher, not the students.  The Instruction Manual has 10 numbered pages of instruction, illustrated, and also has the 16 page Tom at the Beach book inside.  The Tom at the Beach book is optional, and can be photocopied for each student to use. 

The Instruction Manual has the same durable paperback cover as the student books.  These durable covers were tested by young boys.  A six year old boy was completely unable to tear the cover with his hands.  An eight year old boy was finally able to tear the cover with his hands after trying for a minute or so.  Why does the Instruction Manual have the same durable cover?  Sometimes teachers have stress, and we would like our books to survive accidental adult stress release!

You can read more about these books at the Vanguard Education website.